Discover, track, and manage your software subscriptions in one simple platform

Stackshine brings together the information you need to make smarter decisions, control costs, monitor security risks, and collaborate with your team, all in one simple platform.

Easily track all the software you use with thousands of supported vendors

Manage all your software subscriptions in one place

For better budgeting

We help companies go from free-for-all SaaS spend habits to an organized, trackable, and secure workflow by getting all your vendors and employees on one easy-to-use system.

Cost breakdowns
Quickly figure out the most expensive software in your company, how many employees rely on it, and empty licenses which belong to employees who are no longer at your company.
Subscription calendar
We give you the information you need to prepare for upcoming subscriptions and the visibility to proactively negotiate discounts or time extensions on upcoming expenses.

For smoother onboarding

Onboarding new employees goes from "hey did someone invite Amber to Gmail yet?" to "here's the checklist of things we've already invited Amber to, we just need to invite her to these 3 vendors and she's ready to go".

Built-in onboarding and offboarding checklists
Based on the groups a new employee is joining, we compile a list of software they need and put it together in a simple, trackable checklist. Same works for offboarding an employee, we tell you all the places you need to remove them from to avoid paying for empty seats.
Reminder emails
We automatically follow up on checklist items which still need to get done. This lets you be proactive about making sure a new employee has all the tools they need to get work done before they hit a roadblock.

For smarter security

Consider us your partner in making sure your company stays secure. We'll send you alerts on compromised vendors, visibility of every vendor your company relies on, and ensure you offboard a former employee of all the software they depended on.

Eliminate loose-end access from offboarded employees
We keep track of all the software an employee uses, so if there comes a time where they need to be offboarded, we tell you exactly the places to go in order to make sure you don't leave any loose-end access.
Alerts on compromised vendors
Our team and systems are always following the news on vendor exploits. You'll receive security alerts if any software you depend on has been breached.

For unifying your company

Replace ad-hoc spreadsheets, mental checklists, word documents, and scattered emails with a centralized dashboard where everyone works together to add notes for a vendor, upload contracts, and attach invoices.

All your vendor files in one place
Each vendor on your Stackshine workspace has their own file tab which acts as the go-to repostory for contracts, invoices, brochures, and files you need when reviewing a vendor.
Collaborating on your SaaS directory
Our systems are designed to allow your team to spread the workload. Inviting workspace administrators allows your team to work together by adding notes, manage vendors, configuring member groups, visualize expenses, track budgets, and a lot more.

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