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one simple platform

Stackshine integrates with your data sources to unify all the information you need to control costs, monitor security risks, and manage your team's software access.

Easily track all the software you use with thousands of supported vendors

Manage all your software
subscriptions in one place

For better budgeting

Stackshine helps you go from free-for-all SaaS spending to an organized and trackable workflow by getting all your apps and employees on one easy-to-use system.

Subscription calendar
Stackshine gives you breakdowns of past and future expenses, empowering you with the visibility to proactively negotiate discounts on your subscriptions or change vendors.
Timely alerts
The Stackshine notification system will alert you of upcoming renewal dates, unusual charges, and more to help you effectively manage your software spend.
For smarter security

Stackshine is your partner in security. We’ll send you alerts on compromised vendors and ensure you can offboard employees from your software tools.

Eliminate loose-end access from offboarded employees
Stackshine keeps track of all the software an employee uses, so when an employee is offboarded, we tell you exactly where to go to cut off any loose-end access.
Alerts on compromised vendors
The Stackshine team is always following the news on vendor exploits. You’ll receive security alerts if any software you depend on has been breached.
For unifying your company

Replace messy spreadsheets and scattered emails with a centralized dashboard where everyone works together to add vendor data, upload contracts, and attach invoices.

All your vendor files in one place
Each vendor on your Stackshine workspace has their repository for contracts, invoices, and files you need when reviewing a vendor.
Collaborating on your SaaS directory
Inviting workspace administrators allows your team to collectively manage vendors, uncover expenses, track budgets, and a lot more.

Supercharge your software management with
Stackshine Services

Want to take your software management to the next level? The Stackshine vendor management team will take over all the most painful parts of managing your software stack.

  • Delegate vendor discovery

  • Never miss a renewal

  • Negotiate the best prices

  • Ensure employee satisfaction

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