We work hard to make Stackshine the kind of company we'd want our friends and family to work at. It takes an intentional effort to create an environment where high performance is balanced with humanity and long-term thinking.

Tyler Diaz, CEO at Stackshine

A team of builders designing the solution we always wanted

Stackshine is a 100% remote team, building IT automation software for businesses of the future. Our vision for Stackshine is to build a platform which automates all IT operations. This starts with building a powerful platform to provide analytics and automations for software operations.

We have a strong builder culture. Our team is inspired by working alongside exceptionally talented individuals who believe in the power of software to change the way IT works. We've built and run companies in the past, from launching things in orbit to scaling hyper-growth startups, and in every case we kept wondering why tools for IT always seemed to be a neglected part of the process. We tried everything, and nothing quite felt like the right tool. So we set out to build it ourselves.

Stackshine is the realization of our aspirations to build a world-class platform in this space. We quietly and confidently back up our bold claims by developing the kind of platform we always wish existed.

We're fortunate to be backed by world-class investors:
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